Best Online Stock Brokers in Germany – Comparison [2022 English Guide]

Stocks aren’t common in Germany, but since economic changes in the world have caused this to change in recent times. Due to rising living costs and the inability to move out, people, especially the young, have been considering investing in stocks or ETFs. 

Today, it is easier than ever before for Germans to invest in stocks, options, and ETFs, and a younger generation is especially interested in investing. Here, we have reviewed the best online brokers in Germany so you can make an informed decision when it comes to building your account.  


What is a Depot account? 

Depots in German are simply trading accounts. Depository accounts are used to deposit financial instruments such as stocks, funds, ETFs, etc. They are maintained with a German financial institution. The account is also called a Wertpapierdepotkonto (Securities Deposit Account).   

Why do you require a Depot account?  

If you are interested in investing in stocks, a Depot account is a great idea because it gives you low transaction costs which makes it easier for you to make frequent purchases and sales of stocks. It is in fact a great way to invest and keep track of your account if you wish to focus on direct investments rather than frequent trading. 

Factors to consider before choosing a Depot Account 

  • Fees for managing the Trading account There are many people offering free trading accounts in the market today. However, it is not advisable to choose all the free options. Checking the conditions under which the broker is offering the free trading account is crucial. The best way to find out about this is by checking out the Preisleistungsverzeichnis which is available on their website, where you can find out about the costs involved with managing your trading account and hidden fees involved with buying foreign stocks 
  • Availability of Stocks or ETF and Exchange – Also known as Handelsplatz or Börsenplatz. Stocks can be brought through exchanges alone. In Germany there are 7 regional exchanges namely München, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart. Electronic exchanges such as Xetra, Tradegate, Gettex, Quotrix, Lang&Schwarz. There is a trading time for certain exchanges where one can trade only within the given time for example , Xetra’s trading time is 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. 
  • Availability of Services through Apps and Desktops – As we live in this digital era, we might want different options to access these trading platforms.  
  • Minimum Order amount for purchasing Stocks or ETFs – Nowadays many people opt for having a savings plan than purchasing because savings plan can be started with a comparatively lesser amount. So if you are considering to have a savings plans, you must look into this factor.  
  • Cost of Buying and Selling the Stocks – Knowing about must the purchase and selling costs will help you have a clear picture of the amounts.  

Overview of Different Online Brokers

Here we will be reviewing the factors and comparing the different online brokers in Germany, namely; Scalable Capital , Comdirect, Trade Republic, Flatex and Smartbroker

Scalable Capital

A new provider of robo-advisory services in the UK is Scalable Capital. The platform is based in Germany, but offers services in Austria and the UK. In 2012, robot advisors arrived in the UK. Since then, the providers have focused on improving their processes and competing with legacy firms. In its European markets, Scalable has over 60,000 customers In spite of its relative youth in the UK, Scalable Capital aims to deliver a unique promise: “Not just cheaper, but better.” 

An overview: They offer 3 different schemes, namely 

Free Broker- Initially, you can either choose stocks or ETFs for your saving plan; if you want to purchase additional stocks on top of that, you will have to pay 99 cents.There is no fee associated with this scheme. 

Prime Broker- In this scheme you will have to pay a monthly fee of 35.88€. Buying and selling is completely free 

Prime Broker(Flex)-  At a subscription rate of 4.99 Euros per month offers all the features of the PRIME Broker plan. The Prime Broker flex plan requires monthly payment and this plan can be withdrawn at any point.

  • Prime partners like Invesco, iShares and DWS is completely free 
  • Only electronic exchanges are available( Gettex & XETRA) 
  • They have their app and desktop version available for services 
  • The minimum order value is 250 euros 
  • The minimum for savings plan starts from 1 euros 

To know more about scalable capital and its schemes check out our youtube video HERE. 

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Comdirect is a German investment bank. Since it has been in business for a long time, it is considered to be safe. Additionally, BaFin regulates the company, which has a listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. As it is a German Bank, all services are available in German alone. 

Comdirect already has over 2 million customers. In fact, there are many good reasons for this, including the large and diverse portfolio of stocks, funds, ETFs and other securities. 

An overview: 

  • Free Account management – Yes! It has a guaranteed 3 full years of free account management for new customers.  After 3 years you will have to do one of the following activity in order to continue the free benefit;  Must do a minimum of 2 trades per quarter, Must have a current account in the bank, The execution of at least one security savings plan every quarter is required. Otherwise you will be charged 1.95 euros per month  
  • 24/7 Service – They provide full time services by phone, email or practical live chat. 
  • Fair price- For the first 12 months, the trade price is 3.90 euros and 9.90 euros from the following years onwards.  
  • No minimum order and savings plan can start off at 24 euros.  
  • Regional(München, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart), Electronic (Xetra, Tradegate, Gettex, Quotrix, Lang&Schwarz) and Foreign Exchanges are available 
  • Mobile trading is available with the free comdirect trading app. Desktop version is available as well. 

Commerzbank Girokonto

Trade Republic 

Traders on Reddit have recently become fans of Trade Republic, a German securities trading bank. Trade Republic provides commission-free investing opportunities through its mobile app. Currently, Trade Republic operates all its trades on the Lang & Schwarz Exchange, which is a part of the Hamburg Stock Exchange (HAM).

An Overview:

  • No deposit fees, inactivity or withdrawal fees 
  • Regional and Foreign exchanges are not available, Electronic exchanges are available only through Lang & Schwarz and Tradegate. 
  • They offers their services in their mobile app version alone. 
  • Minimum order amount is zero whereas the minimum savings plan starts from 10 euros. 
  • Buying or Selling stock costs only 1 euro. No additional fees are charged. 
  • As a securities trading bank and broker, it holds an official banking license. 
  • Financial institutions like HSBC Germany and Solaris Bank AG support the initiative. 
  • not available for Indian passport Holders


Online broker Flatex is based in Germany. Independent traders are its primary target audience. Flatex allows consumers to trade all types of securities, including shares, certificates, bonds, funds, ETFs, and CFDs. 

An Overview:

  • Offers a Free demo account 
  • Buying/Selling stocks first 6 months is free, later on you will be charged 5.90€) 
  • Free securities account for ETFs and funds(0.1% charge per year for others) 
  • No account management fee 
  • Minimum order value is nill 
  • Minimum savings plans value is 50 
  • Regional(Munchen, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart), Electronic (Xetra, Tradegate, Gettex) and Foreign Exchanges are available 
  • Telephone-based customer service 
  • Crypto is not possible  
  • Website and app is available (not in English) 

Smart Broker

Smart Broker this German stock exchanges now allow you to trade stocks, bonds, funds, and ETFs online. Prices start at zero euros per order. Smartbroker is a German financial community whose structure has been redesigned to meet your requirements. The Smart Broker platform offers the ability to trade directly on all German stock markets, including Lang & Schwarz Tradegate, Quotrix, and Xetra. You can also trade international stocks on the home exchanges.  

An Overview:

  • Through a single platform, investors can trade stocks, bonds, funds, and ETFs. 
  • No minimum order value  
  • Minimum savings plan value is 25€ 
  • Zero to Four Euros per order 
  • ETF savings plan is free of charge 
  • No monthly fees (Depotgebühren) 
  • Competent customer service in English 
  • Regional(Munchen, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart), Electronic (Xetra, Tradegate, Gettex, Quotrix, Lang&Schwarz) and Foreign Exchanges are available 
  • They have only the desktop version available 
  • Each ETF costs € 0.82 at a minimum and € 65.69 at a maximum

Comparison Calculator

Here you can compare the different Online Brokers based on the individual factors.


You can choose the right online broker in Germany according to the purpose for which you intend to trade, regardless of whether you are looking to invest long-term or you wish to day-trade actively for short-term. 

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