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Job Scams in life can upset you but certain job scams can get you into serious trouble including imprisonment and fine. Imagine all this happens in a foreign country while you just tried to search for a digital job and serve a company to get paid!! This is the topic on which we are going to shed the light upon in this article. 

Fake Employers think faster and better: 

The year 2020 and 2021 has faced a major hit due to Covid-19. The majority of it has been bestowed on the Employees who work in several small or large firms. People have been sacked and some have been made to work lesser time and get paid less. Fake Employers try to fill this void by giving shiny-money earning ways… Or do they ? 

Search for online jobs 

We are going to talk about one such job which can be found online and in Job Portals. All it takes is a few clicks and making a connection with a person or having an Online chat. Once you know the job is going to be Easy Money you might be more than willing to send your personal details like, passport number, Bank details, Social Security number, tax ID and what not. It is because the job will basically involve receiving a package, unpacking it and shipping it to a different address. All as mentioned in your work contract. Yes .. That is it. And you make money out of it. 

Surprises involved:  

This is where you are clenched already. You check your salary for the work you have done at the end of the month and there would not be a cent credited to your account.  Worst part could be a Cop knocking your front door. Because he has tracked the packages that reached your house. 


The package that reached your house was ordered by Stolen Credit cards. That is why you open your door for the Cop. Secondly, you have already shared your back details and other important details which is enough to buy a credit card on your name. The scammer orders a Credit Card, uses it until the bill reaches your house.  But the scam continues. 

How to identify such offenders and action to take: 

The first thing to do before signing a job contract is google the Company name and check for the word “Impressum“. Under this section one can find who the Company CEO is, registration number of the company and other legal details. If this section is empty it is “trouble” 

Other major validation would be to check with Verbraucherzentrale . This is a firm in Germany that gives Consumer advice free of cost. One can contact them to know if the advertised company really exists to make an accord with. 

But if you already are a victim of such scam Contact the police and explain everything and safe guard yourself before you are being suspected. Having a lawyer would be very helpful in such situation.  If you need information about Legal Insurance, check out our other Blog for more detailed Information. Hope this information will keep you safe from being Job scammed.  

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