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What is Home Contents Insurance?

Home Content insurance covers everything movable in your house. In other words, imagine turning your house upside down, everything that would fall out, for example, the furniture, kitchen utensils, electronic items or your wear-able are insured by home content insurance. This insurance is necessary in the case of loss of your valuable belongings, theft or substantial damage to your home by a natural calamity like a storm or a flood.

Experts for consumer protection and police recommend taking home contents insurance. Especially during vacations and in winters when the cases of burglaries are high. 

Table of Contents

Situations Covered

Home content insurance  insures your Own belongings. Things included in the Home contents insurance are:

  • Furniture, clothing and household appliances.
  • Cash in your house and Valuables that are locked in a safe.
  • Jewellery, Gemstones and watches present in the household.
  • Certificates and Securities.
  • Things in a second home for professional use.

Remember, all of your belongings are insured only in certain conditions. Generally, the conditions included in Home content insurance are:

  • Damage to electronic appliances due to lightning.
  • Fire, lightning, explosion, implosion, aircraft.
  • Damage from Power Fluctuations.
  • Damages from Burglary, Vandalism and Robbery.
  • Theft in the Workplace of your belongings during opening hours.
  • Tap water damages or the one caused due to leaking from aquariums, water pipe damage or water bed.
  • Storm and hails.
  • Internal unrest, strike or lockout.

In addition to the above, many companies will not only take care of the charges associated with the damaged items but also will cover any costs for:

  • Repair cost from burglary or water damage.
  • Cleaning of the damaged property and the cost to move your items to another location (if necessary).
  • Hotel Expenses- In case the household is uninhabitable due to damages.
  • Data recovery cost if your software or hardware gets damaged because of any of the above-listed conditions.

Cycle Theft and Glass Breakage are additional components required to be activated and this is not included in the base component.

Situations NOT Covered

Listed here are the aspects which are not covered in Home Contents Insurance.

  • Subtenants Household stuffs
  • Accessories of Motor vehicles and their trailers such as stored tires, machines etc.
  • Building components
  • Valuables in vacation or weekend homes (Some providers provide this as an additional option).

    EXAMPLE Scenarios

    Scenario 1: On a fine day, you start cooking your food, and suddenly a parcel arrives for which you have been waiting for a few days. In the excitement to open it and receive it, you forgot to turn off the stove and get involved in checking the items. After some time you realize that a fire has started because of this negligence and your kitchen is damaged. In such a case, your insurance provider will cover your damage.

    Scenario 2: While you were enjoying a vacation, someone was able to break through your house and stole all your valuable belongings including some cash and electronics worth thousands of Euros. In such cases, having home content insurance would help you to incur the loss.

    Scenario 3Due to a water leak at your place, water gets accumulated in your house. Because of it, some of your furniture gets destroyed, and you can not use them further. In such cases, your insurance provider will help you with replacing the necessary items.

    Points to consider - Taking Insurance Online

    Insurance providers often provide a limited backup for home content insurance in case of different situations. Depending on the size of your house and your plan, the coverage value would vary. Also, there are circumstances in which this insurance may not stand valid, like:

    • If you live in a furnished apartment (belonging to the owner) and the furniture gets destroyed due to any reasons, home content insurance will not cover the damage. You will need liability insurance to get them insured.
    • Theft of anything valuable from your cars like cash or jewelry
    • Damages caused by pets.
    • Uninsured water damages- groundwater, stagnant or flowing water.
    • Landslide, avalanches, heavy rainfalls and other such natural calamities
    • Self-inflicted damage

    Is this necessary?

    This Insurance is important for the people who have their own household contents. Household insurance may be worthwhile if they cannot easily afford to buy additional furniture, electrical appliances, clothing, etc.

    How to Report?

    • Report the Damage to the Insurer
    • Explain the situation, how the damage happened
    • Photos of the Incidents must be documented and sent to the Insurance company

    Comparison of HOME Contents Insurances

    We are comparing here the offers by the best insurance providers in Germany. All of these guarantees good values, available at a nominal price, and you can buy them online.

    1. Getsafe

    Get Safe is an online insurance company that focuses on providing services to Expats and foreigners living in Germany.

    • ✅ Available at a starting price of €16.44/year.
    • ✅ Get Safe provides coverage of €250,000.
    • ✅ They have an English-speaking customer support team that makes your life easy.
    • ✅ You can pay them with a credit card or SEPA-debit.
    • ✅ The insurance is not for a fixed duration, and you are free to cancel it at any time.
    Source: Get Safe
    2. Feather

    Feather is an English speaking online Insurance company which provides services to all EXPATS

    • ✅ Insurance Starts at 2,50 euros a month for a single person.
    • ✅ The coverage is  up to 10 million euros.
    • ✅ Partner or Kids can be easily added added to the Policy.
    • ✅ signing-up process is easy and its completely in English. Customers are in love with their great customer service.
    • ✅ The insurance is not for a fixed duration, and you are free to cancel it at any time.
    Source: Feather
    3. Adam Reise

    Adam Riese is a Digital Brand of the German Financial Service Provider W&W.

    • ✅ starting price from €1.46/ month.
    • ✅ You are free to pay as much as you want and choose an insured sum to match your belongings.
    • ✅ They also protect you from theft at hotel rooms Worldwide. 
    • ✅ Adam Reise allows you to cancel your insurance plan any day at your wish.
    Source: Adam Riese

    BONUS TIP - 1

    There are certain companies that offer a discount when you purchase multiple insurances together. So, if you plan to take Liability insurance, Legal insurance and Household insurance together, do check if the provider offers a discount. ARAG Offers special Discount if you choose a combination Package. Click this LINK to claim the offer

    👉Price of the Insurance varies on individual factors. Size of the House, Location. One cannot give a generalized price for this Insurance

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