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Good Investment Options in Germany

Investments in GERMANY

Germany is known for having a strong investment culture. You, as an EXPAT, can also invest your money to earn an extra passive income. Here is a curated list of factors that you must consider before investing, Tax investment, Stocks, Bonds and a lot more. You can make investments in many different ways, listed here are a few of the popular ways to invest in Germany.

Pension Plans

If you are employed, you must already be contributing to public retirement insurance. It is debited directly from your salary, and you get it when you retire (70% of the net income). If you have noticed, Germany has already increased the retirement age from 65 to 67, and there are chances that it may further increase until you retire.

Investing in voluntary private pension plans can be a good option. It would work as an add-on to the existing public pension plan assuring you to have a good life after retirement. You can get them covered from any part of the World.

With these plans, you can start getting your pension from the age of 60. 

Pension Plans Germany
Savings Account Germany

Savings Account

A savings account or a Sparkonto is perfect for people looking for a low-risk investment, don’t have much money to invest and plan to live in Germany for the short-term. Sparkonto is safe as they secure your account with 100,000 Euros per person and a savings account by law. Two of the most common forms of savings accounts are Tagesgeld and Festgeld.


Two of the most common forms of savings accounts are Tagesgeld and Festgeld. In Tagesgeldkonto or Instant access savings account, you can earn some interest. This interest rate is not fixed and depends on the market. Festgeldkonto or Fixed deposit account needs a minimum investment, and you have to do it for a fixed duration. 


In Germany, you can either invest directly in individual stocks, investment funds, To invest in Stocks/ETF, you need to open a securities account (Depotkonto) with a commission-free or a bank.

Individual stocks are the traditional way of investing in which you will have to research to find a good company and buy the stock. It can be a time-consuming process as you will have to do much research to invest in multiple stocks.

Investing a large amount in a single stock can turn out to be risky, but if you invest in the right stock, you can also make quick money.


To get a detailed explanation about investment strategies, opening a depot account, investment strategies and other multiple options of investment feel free to visit this page.

Good Investment Options in Germany
ETF Investment Germany


In Germany, you can invest in ETFs is exchange-traded funds that are not actively managed instead they follow the stock market index. An index is a portfolio that includes shares of a different firm that helps investors to assess the market performance.


You can also invest in an ETF with a savings plan where you invest a fixed amount monthly. It is an easy way to increase your wealth in the long term.


To get a detailed explanation opening a depot account, investment strategies and other multiple options of investment feel free to visit this page.


Robo Advisor

If you are confused about where to invest, you can consider taking help from a Robo-advisor. It is a machine that would create a custom investment plan based on your risk tolerance and preferences. You can save your effort and time of managing your investment when you take help from a Robo Advisor.

Robo Advisor Germany
Germany Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment

Real estate industry is a great place to invest if it is affordable. The interest rate on a home loan is low (~1-2%), and you can use all the money that you were paying for living in a rented space. Also, if you sell the property after owning it for ten years, you will not have to pay the 25% capital gain tax.

We have given more details about searching for a house, options to avail loan, factors to consider before purchasing a house.

We, at Vanakkam Germany, have collaborated with different Investment companies from across Germany. Contact us to know more.

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