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Living in Germany


Germany has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years as an emerging nation providing quality education and much more. Having one of the best economic situations throughout Europe due to the powerful industry providing secure and stable career opportunities to graduating students and researchers, it serves as a great place to settle into. Here on our website we cover all aspects of the necessary information needed to move to Germany. Some of the important aspects of living in Germany are listed below.


The most important requirement to stay in German is having a right VISA & PERMIT. 

Germany Family Reunion Visa
Germany Family Reunion Visa


One major barrier in moving to Germany is the language difference. It makes it really hard to find work and settle in society without knowledge of the language. There are various benefits provided by the government and in many cases the employers also arrange German language
courses. Students enrolled at universities also have the opportunity to learn German language free of cost.


A tedious and very time consuming task is to find accommodation. With rents quite expensive and limited student accommodation in particular cities of Germany this task should be done well in time. Depending on your needs it’s important to pick the right choice, be it renting a flat or buying a house for your family.

Germany Family Reunion Visa
Germany Family Reunion Visa


Getting to understand the health system and making the decision to choose the right insurance for you and your family is imperative. With public and private companies both having their pros and cons this decision should be well thought off. Apart from this, resident in Germany also need to select a family doctor with whom they have to register themselves with. Dentist are pharmacies have their own working as well, with a regular dentist and a dental surgeon different and not everything being covered from the health insurance provider. 




It is one of the first steps after moving into a new country to choose a bank that fits your needs and open up an account. Varying from a current to a savings account all major banks offer these facilities.

Opening a bank account​
Germany Family Reunion Visa


Another vital element in normal day life in Germany is getting familiar with the public transportation system. Depending on the city there are various options to use the U-Bahn, Tram or the bus. Buying a car or getting a driver’s license can also be major milestone. The cost benefit of having a car in a big city with a lot of traffic is also necessary to think about. It takes some time for someone from abroad to understand the German traffic laws specially in the case if coming from a right hand side driving country. Foreigners are also allowed to use International licenses for a particular period of time.


The following are the major investment options for general people living in Germany, the section of your option should be based on the fact that how much money are you willing to invest and the time duration you want to invest for.

Kindergeld is a monthly children’s benefit offered by the German government to each child that lives in Germany. To Know more

If you are living in Germany and recently had a child, then you may be eligible to receive parental allowance (Elterngeld).The German social security system provides this benefit to all new parents, in order to compensate for the loss of income when taking time off from employment in the form of maternity or paternity leave.

Additional benefits,  where Parents residing in Free State of Bavaria receive family allowance from the age of 13th to 36th month of life.

Mutterschutz or Maternity protection law is a very strong workplace law in Germany that protects working mothers against discrimination and unlawful termination during and after a pregnancy.  

Parental Leave (“Eltenrzeit”)Law in Germany allows parents to take parental leave when your child is born. Parental Leave is applicable for all employees regardless of their type of job (Fulltime/Part-time)


Finding the right school for your children and getting them on the right career path is also an important step. With starting primary school at the right age and choosing the different options in secondary school to university or vocational training.

Germany Family Reunion Visa


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