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Working in Germany

Finding Work in Germany

Introduction to jobs in Germany

Have you thought of the possibilities to work in Germany? Or have you already made up your mind to work in Germany?


In this section we will provide information about the requirements and point out correct directions to what is required to apply job in Germany, what to note if you get a new job in Germany and the benefits to avail if there is loss of job in Germany.

Approaching job vacancies in Germany

We all know that the best way to look for job opportunities from anywhere in the world is via Internet. Some of the sites that capacitate job offers are “LinkedIn”, “Xing”, “Stepstone” and more. If you want a glimpse on more job sites available in Germany, please navigate to “More job pages in Germany”

In addition to the job sites there are also so-called Job agencies such as “Agentur für Arbeit” in all the towns in Germany. These agencies facilitate job opportunities to the registered candidates

One other approach over which we might know meagre is through the job site “Bundesagentur für Arbeit” or Federal Employment Agency. This is a centralised job portal in which German employers post job vacancies directly. This portal serves as a platform to enable you to get in contact with the employer, considering the fact that your profile is attractive.

job vacancies in Germany
Finding Work in Germany

Job Application from outside Germany

Are you a foreigner who is wanting to work in Germany? Then please continue reading.

For foreign skilled workers to work in Germany certain mandatory requirements should be met. Here is a “Quick self-assessment link” to check if you can work in Germany with your Qualifications and Professional skills. As a hint, certain professional qualification needs to be recognised in Germany, for example- professionals in the field of medicine and law. This procedure is called “Equivalence assessment” where authorities verify your qualifications and compare it with the German standards. Click on this link to know if your profession is recognised (” Recognition – Job annerkennung ”)

What if your profession is not recognised? For foreigners, whose profession is not recognised they would be subject to undergo “additional training courses” to be submitted along with the Professional Certification.

Do you want to enter Germany and then search for a job? It is possible to look for a job in Germany and there is a special visa that facilitates it. “Job Seeker Visa” enables foreigners to enter Germany without a job. This is issued with a validity period of 6 months. But if you want to know if you really need a visa to enter Germany click on “Do I need a visa”

Just got a new job in Germany?

Congratulations !! if you have already succeeded in bagging a job in Germany and awaiting a work contract, then this section has something interesting for you.


Depending upon certain criteria, you would be given a “EU Blue card” or a “Work Permit Visa”.
Once an employer is ready to hire a candidate the Employer sends a Contract (or Job offer) to the Employee. It is necessary that the Employee reads the Contract, signs it and sends it back to the Employer as an act of acceptance.
Here are the things to look at in the Work Contract

  • Role, Salary (Gross and Net calculation), Probation period and if vacation leaves are permitted during probation, Variable pay or Bonuses, Pension scheme, Conditions for job Termination and of course about the employee benefits.
  • There are many types of Contract in Germany but the main 2 types as Permanent and Fixed term Contract. The rest of the types are detailed in this “ Different types of contract
A detailed explanation of where to search “ information in a job contract” is available here. This will elaborate the details of a Contract section by section through this “ sample Contract ”.
new job in Germany
salary details in Germany

Job and its relevant salary details

This section holds information regarding Salary, allowances, minimum and maximum paying jobs.

The salary structure is not the same across Germany it differs from region and profession. But presumably the salary details are certainly mentioned in the Job contract and it always makes sense to check if you are paid according to Standards. The enumeration of “ Average Salaries based on the profession ” will give you a clearer picture

Job loss in Germany

If there is a job loss situation, the German Federal Government offers unemployment benefits. Depending upon the age, span of employment before Unemployed, contribution to Unemployment Insurance before unemployment, one can be categorised into “ Arbeitlosengeld 1” or “ Arbeitlosengeld 2
Job loss in Germany
Registration for unemployment

Registration for unemployment.

The candidate who lost the job has to register him/her self in the “ Federal Employment Agency Portal ”. This can be done Online. In person, the unemployed candidate can register in the Local Unemployment office by submitting some “ essential documents
Hope this information summarises and suffices about Employment in Germany. To know more on any other topics please keep skimming through and you will find what you search for.


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